The Angels Traverse

Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park, BC

2020 – 2021

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The Land Spoke will be available at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery on Granville Island from November 29th to December 12th, 2021 for their 80th Anniversary Exhibition.

Through landscape, this series tells the story of a four day traverse into a less traveled corner of the Stein that my son and I took one summer not so long ago. It was an extraordinary adventure where we didn’t see another soul till we arrived back at our truck 4 days after we left it. There is something surreal about stepping off the beaten path on your own with a young person. The quiet is broken by the nervous and excited chatter of over active imaginations and you only have yourselves for company and security. Senses heighten as you pick your way through the landscape based on whispered rumours and vague satelite captures, saying “There is a way through.”, while not really knowing what lay ahead. Colours brighten, emotions run high and the world around you abstracts into stories that connect us both to the landscape and each other.

A selection of the Angels Traverse series as currently displayed in the studio.

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