From the 49th North

Celebrating the Call of the North and the Allure of the Great North American Road Trip

2017 – Ongoing

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My son and I ventured to Northern BC and the Yukon for the first time when he was 9. We quickly fell in love with the open road, isolation, landscape, wildlife and camaraderie with fellow road trippers we met along the way. We were hooked. Since then, for the last several years, we have made annual trips north on the Alaskan Highway, living in our truck for a month every summer, relishing in the freedom and the amazing wilderness adventures it and its side roads have to offer.

In 2017 I decided to start working on a series of paintings celebrating the wild and diverse landscape that repeatedly draws people to make the yearly pilgrimage north, tracing the journey from Vancouver to both the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic. I have slowly been compiling photos from our trips and starting to work on the drawings and paintings in the in-between moments.

With the arrival of COVID 19, and our 2020 trip to the Aleutian Islands and Kenya Peninsula having to be put on hold, I started working on the series in earnest. Although I plan to finish the series by the end of 2022, I don’t know if it will ever truly be finished. Every time we go we discover new things to explore, continually finding reasons to return.

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