Garibaldi Seasons

Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC

2020 – Ongoing

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We are lucky to have so many amazing provincial parks in BC. Living in Vancouver we are even luckier to have Garibaldi Provincial Park on our door step. I have spent over 40 years watching the park grow and change through the seasons. Growing up it seemed like a magical place and I spent many summer days exploring the trails with my family and friends. It has continued to be a place of wonder for me ever since.

With extensive glaciers and a plethora of Volcanic features its landscape is a place of stark contrasts. Moonscapes are fringed by lush meadows, winter snows blanket and soften glaciers, jagged mineral stained peaks rise from lush green forests teaming with life and lakes of every hue imaginable glow in spring mists as they are released from winters embrace. This series explores those contrasts throughout the seasons.

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